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Be Able to Screen Print Any Halftone Image, the First Time, And Know In Advance Exactly How It's Going To Look?
Start Your Journey to Becoming a Halftone Printing Pro?
Produce Great Printing Using Any of the Color Separation Software Programs for Screen Printers or Adobe PhotoShop?
Have a Step-by-Step Blueprint for Training Artists, Screen Makers and Printers to Become Halftone Masters?
Blow the Socks Off Your Competition With Sharp, Vibrant, Full Color Printing?
Get Your Customers Talking About You... and Saying Wonderful Things?
Enhance Your Reputation as a Savvy, Competent, Expert Technical Screen Printer?

Are you using any of the color separation software programs for screen printers, Adobe Photoshop Plug-Ins, or separations for screen printers provided by artists or service bureaus?

Do you want to be able to print four-color process, simulated process, or index color separations faster, better, and more profitably?

Would you like to take the
mystery out of screen printing halftones?

The Major Change Taking Place

It's no secret that more and more artists and printers are
bringing the separation process in-house. FastFilms claims more than 3500 sites worldwide while NetSeps.com reports users in more than 30 countries.

But just because you can do seps in-house, does it mean you're getting a better final product?

Our research has shown to
"have capability doesn't mean you can deliver."

I love golf. But just because I bought the same clubs as Tiger Woods, doesn't mean I can play like Tiger.

Anybody who's made the switch to bring it all in-house
knows exactly the frustration I'm talking about.

How are you going to gain the knowledge and experience to produce the award winning quality you see at the shows and in the industry magazines?

Have you even
considered it possible?

Have you noticed more and more customers are
demanding four color process and simulated process for dark garments?

Even if you have screen print separation software, you face increased competition from other screen printers having the very same software.

This means more shops are
competing for the same customers, creating the same look, with the same tools.

On top of this, your customers have probably had a bad experience with somebody else already. It makes them suspicious and doubtful of your ability to deliver great work.

With the clear trend to smaller and smaller print runs,
what are you doing to make a profit?

Can you afford to be messing around changing ink, changing print order, changing squeegees, and changing mesh, just to get it to print?

Most owners
can't commit the kind of time necessary to get great results becuase they're just trying to hang on and save the business that represents their life's work...and their financial future.

Showing any kind of profit is a major accomplishment. You simply can't afford to be doing anything but printing. There will be casualties. The question is whether you will be one of them.

What Can You Do About This?

HalftoneSecrets.com is about solutions. It’s about better printing, on demand. It’s about building confidence in your work and setting you apart from your competitors.

I'll be drawing on the hundreds of tested methods I teach clients and seminar attendees all the time.

I'll be utilizing the collective wisdom of dozens of successful halftone printers to make your work look great and make your customers eager to spend their money... with you!

Most importantly, I'll be sharing, for the first time ever, some of the really closely held secrets that truly do make the difference.

Before I go further, take just a second to tell me what your single most critical halftone problem area is:

Halftone Secrets is about learning to screen print halftones with professional results, on demand, with excellent quality. It’s about having the confidence to know, in advance, how a job will print. But more importantly. . .

Your Commitment is the First Step to Much Bigger Things!

Before we can really get to some exciting NEW and INNOVATIVE, success building programs and services, printers have to be able to print better.

This means higher quality, the FIRST TIME ON PRESS, quickly, with excellent consistency, AND repeatable into the future.

Here are some key things that have to happen.

First, you have to be really, really good at what you do. You have to be able to set-up a job right, correct to color, and it has to work perfectly the first time.

You need to be printing great shirts within three to five strikeoffs. I don't think one in ten printers can do that now.

Second, your work has to be so strong. . . so visually stunning, that it takes the customer's breath away. It needs the WOW factor.

The vast majority of printers are delivering work that brings disappointment from the customer. I hear stories of "Is that as good as you could do?" all the time.

When you complete your journey to halftone printing perfection, your competition will be scratching their heads trying to figure out how you can print such great work.

Much of the material presented HAS NEVER been published or delivered before. These are techniques and methods used by the very best printers in the industry, and they just don’t talk about what they are.

You will be completely stunned by the things you learn.

In fact, I guarantee it.

Here are some of the subject areas I cover in depth:

How to kill the 12 most common types of moiré.
Why you should ALWAYS use a white printer.
How to use dot gain to your advantage.
Which is the right mesh to use and which mesh counts to avoid at all costs.
What makes a great halftone ink and how to tell.
Choosing the right line count for visual perfection and production ease.
How to print sand, fur, bark, rock and other "natural" colors.
What it takes to master fleshtones and reference color.
What it takes to make ONE set of seps that print on all garment colors, with no changes or additional screens.
Getting your printed images to match what's on the computer.
. . . and much, much, more.

This is a Program for People Who Take Action

But There Must Be a Catch...

Shortly I'll be giving you a bunch of Free stuff to get you going. In fact, if you follow my recommendations in the material, you'll quickly find yourself in the top 10% of all printers doing halftone work. . . and it's FREE.

Why am I giving this away?

I'm looking to the long term.

We know once you:

Break free of "business as usual" thinking
Start printing killer work
See sales climbing and
Get totally pumped about your new capabilities

You'll want to do even more to keep the positive momentum going.

We all know the process of achieving and maintaining print quality never ends.

For those who really want to gain an unfair advantage over the competition, we have some special surprises coming on other resources that can help you truly make your printing look great while being easier and faster to produce.

You'll have access to these special surprises when I can see how you've progressed.

I love working with printers who want to do better.
These special surprises are a reward for the high achievers, and the good news is, any of you can become a high achiever with the right tools.

...But I Need Your Help

Delivering a course over the Internet is worthwhile, but the content needs to be laser focused and on target. I don’t want to waste your time with rehashed material you can get elsewhere. I want to make every minute, and every bit of information count.

Tradeshow seminars are fine, but I'm often restricted from telling you what I really think. I have to be careful about offending exhibiting vendors, even if their products are of poor quality and just plain don't work.

The beauty of this kind of concentrated training is I can be brutally honest about what works and what doesn't. I don't want to waste your time, effort, or money on some lame technology you can't grow with.

Take a second or two and tell me what you really want to know about printing great halftones.

Make no mistake...

This program will reward you by providing...

Solid advice,
Excellent instruction,
Effective resources and
Increased profits.

So that's the whole story.

You understand what I'm doing and why…

Now the rest is up to you.

Click the link below to get my Top Ten Quick Start Secrets to Printing Better Halftones. It’s free and there is no obligation.

As an added Free bonus, over the next few weeks, I’ll send you Four valuable Special Reports on:

Managing Change; Getting New Ideas to Stick in Your Company
The 100 Point Checklist to Halftone Printing Perfection
How to Exceed Your Customer’s Expectations
How to Guarantee Your Future Profits

I’ll also provide opportunities to check on your progress and to provide feedback on how you’re doing. I want you to see results right away.

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Mark A. Coudray
Coudray Graphic Technologies

PS: The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll gain an unfair advantage over your more complacent competitors.

The universe rewards action. What better time to start something like this than right now?

PPS: You don't have to be BAD to get BETTER!